Just another spam email.

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You are using your domain name for personal or business website, and one day you received a unsolicited email from some guy name "Gim". Here's the actual email I received today.


I am interested in purchasing your domain name, [domain name here]. Is it available?

Thank you,

Is this a SPAM email? For a quick search of his/her email address in the Google resulted a 1000+ related post and using the contents. I don't know about you, but I already deleted the email and tagged it as spam.

If you ask me what email system I'm using right now to keep spam-like messages in check. I am using the Google Apps offered by Google, comes with excellent antivirus and antispam. If you have a domain name, you can use the Gmail Google service for free using the Standard Edition.

When you register a domain name from NeedName.com, you can request to activate the Google Apps for your domain. They will take care the DNS configuration for you (all technical related configuration), all you need to do is wait for your username and password to use your own email. All for a price of a domain name.

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