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Vertical Markets

I always asked myself, what is a Vertical Markets. Here's my research of vertical markets and it's definition. I hope this information will help other entrepreneurs.

Automotive/TelematicsCompanies that provide systems that allow drivers and passengers to use voice commands to access entertainment and services within a vehicle.
Call CentersCompanies offering speech solutions that help manage call flows and reduce agent time.
Consumer ElectronicsCompanies that offer speech solutions for games, toys, MP3 players, and other personal entertainment devices.
Distribution/WarehouseCompanies that offer speech solutions allowing warehouse workers to send and receive verbal cues to guide them in everyday tasks.
EducationCompanies offering solutions that improve in-class learning and aid students, teachers, parents, and administrators to keep track of performance, attendance and other indicators of success.
Entertainment/GamingCompanies providing applications and technology for videogame developers or other creative professionals who manipulate voices, create new personas, or supply authentication/verification technologies to be used in this industry.
Financial Services/InsuranceCompanies that offer solutions to speed access to personalized information, reduce call center costs, and automate service delivery for better customer service and employee productivity.
Government/SecurityCompanies that help public-sector organizations, including the military, police, and other state, local and national government departments and agencies, manage data, convert from paper to digital documents, simplify services, streamline and secure communications, and translate, transcribe, and transfer information.
Healthcare/PharmaceuticalsCompanies that enable healthcare providers to offer easy access to information, reduce human errors, improve overall efficiency, and meet regulations designed to safeguard patient privacy.
HospitalityCompanies that help hotels, restaurants, and service providers improve customer service with solutions that handle reservations, ticketing, and frequently asked questions about their establishments.
ManufacturingCompanies that provide solutions to factories and plant operations.
Non-profitCompanies that offer solutions to charities and service organizations, often at a reduced cost.
Professional ServicesCompanies that offer technical and operational expertise in this industry. These companies can be vendor-neutral or tied to a specific vendor.
RetailCompanies that offer retailers an opportunity to improve customer service and create a unique caller experience for their customers.
TechnologyCompanies that provide solutions and services to aid high-tech firms provide information and technical support to their customers.
TelecommunicationsCompanies serving cable, wireless, wire line and ISP carriers and service providers.
Travel/TransportationCompanies that serve airlines, auto rentals, commuter and commercial rail services, bus line, travel agencies, logistics companies, and more.
UtilitiesCompanies that provide the oil, gas, water, and electric companies with solutions that automate routine functions like reporting a power outage, scheduling a repair, activating and stopping a service, and paying bills.

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