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Would you know how to reject invalid emails in Exchange 2003 Server?

By default the " Recipient Filter " is not disabled in Exchange Server 2003. To prevent unwanted emails not listed in your Active Directory, here's what you need to do. Open the ESM (Exchange System Manager) exchange management tool In Global Settings, right click on Message Delivery, then select Properties. In Message Delivery Properties, click Recipient Filtering tab. Put check on " Filter recipients who are not in the Directory "> Well you're not done yet, that's one part only. If you are not using a third-party anti-spam tools, you need to check your SMTP protocol setting. Here's how to: In ESM, go to Administrative Groups, First Administrative Group Expand Servers, then SERVER name. Expand Protocols, SMTP, right click on "Default SMTP Virtual Server" then Properties. In Default SMTP Virtual Server Properties, click Advance. In Advanced, click Edit Put check in "Apply Recipient Filter. You don't need to restar

Have you heard Google Adwork Making Money Online? Home Workers pays $373 a day or more?

Whaddya know if this is a scam or genuine make me rich business? I've read this from various websites with this  work from home  and  make money using Google Adwork . And some of our website visitors asking if this is a legitimate work from home business. So I sit down and search for answer. First I've got this link  from a user (owner of  website)  where it seems to look a professional website. Reading the article will make you believe it's a genuine offer and feel that you can do it too. Hold your horses, let me share you what I found about this website. I run a quick check of the domain name, it was only registered last September 9, 2009 (history ) and if you visit the main website access denied. The sign-up process is really simple according to the website. Join Google Adwork to fill out one form. When you click the link, it will o

Bogus Domain Name Appraisal, just another spam?

If you're a entrepreneur or small business that own and manage a number of domain names. Once in a while you will receive a bogus offer enticing you to use their appraisal service for them to buy your domain name. DON'T USE THEIR SERVICE, just add the email to your black listed spam database. --- Sample e-mail from --- Dear Sir, we have an interest to purchase your domain TELEBIT.COM (as example I removed the actual domain name) and usually offer between 50% and 65% of the appraised value. We can accept valuations from leading companies such as If you already have an appraisal please forward it to us. Please let us know whether you are interested. Upon review of your valuation and in case of an agreement we send payments via PayPal for amounts less than $2,000 and via for amounts above $2,000, as well as further instructions on how to complete the transfer of the domain

Free magicJack Conference Calling

This is a great FREE conference calling for entrepreneurs and small-mid size business. It's easy to use and available for everyone. Here's a quick guide to setup your own conference call meeting: Dial 305-848-8888 Press 2 to create your own conference room Enter a three digit pin to create your conference room number.  Write down your new conference room number. It will be 3 digit pin + your last 7 digit phone number. Here's how to join a conference call meeting: Dial 305-848-8888 Press 1 Enter your Conference Room Number provided to you by your host. Please note, check with your local phone service provider regarding charges calling to 305-848-888 number. For more details, visit the official website . How can you save more? You can use the following cost effective solution as replacement of your traditional phone service e.g. magicJack , Vonage or Skype . I've used Skype and Vonage in the past. Now I'm using magicJack

Today is 09-09-09 Sept 09, 2009

Nothing special but it's great to see today's date 09-09-09 (September 09, 2009). Next year would be 10-10-10 for October 10, 2010 then 11-11-11 for November 11, 2011 and 12-12-12 for December 12, 2012 What special for you today? Share your thought. offer Software as a Service

This is to inform our visitors that is now offering Software as a Service (SaaS) Powered by Google Apps for our Email, Docs, Calendar, Collaboration, and Video. Join over a million businesses saving time and money by using Google Apps for Email, sharing Docs, Collaboration and other business-related tools. We can provide technical assistance to deploy Google Apps e.g. Gmail, Google Docs, Google Calendar and other web apps to your employees, entrepreneurs or small-medium business. The Technical Assistance includes configuration of your Google Apps services, DNS setup to make the necessary changes and SSL access to your email resources to keep it secure. You will be up 24-48 hours after making changes of your domain names. Start building your own business brand using your own email address. For example, , not, or or other free email address. It's all hosted by Google, saving your company the time, money and ha Money Matters new website.

This is the first post with our new website using Software as a Service by . Please bear with me as I continue to update the contents and template for our official Money Matters website and using our new domain name . Why domain name? It is hard to get a domain name for a website either you use it for personal or business. It just happens that  is available for me to acquire, a short version of "Tell a bit" combining technology and sharing to become . I believe the keyword tele+bit brings a unique combination of technology (tele worker, work from home or remote worker) plus bit for information, where the focus of our website is to discuss how to use Cloud Computing technology to save money, Software as a Service (SaaS), Teleworkers, work from home, how to make money online, tips and guide and other money matters related ideas. Other information will come in organic way, it will evolve over time and make the nece

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Here's how to get in touch? Nothing can beat email communication: Support @KING.NET (use this first)  or Support @ powered by Google Apps . Address Information: 12587 Fair Lakes Circle #248 Fairfax VA 22030 USA Service provided by KING.NET Sponsors: - Domain Name Registration Services - Managed WordPress Hosting - Entrepreneurs and Business Community. Partners: QUE.COM - Game Studio. Game on KING.NET - Innovation of Ideas.

About Us    a service provided by  |  KING.NET   a privately owned Internet Media Portal. Services we provide: We continue to develop web online services to help our customers reach their target audience through local and direct navigation. We provide Software as a Service (SaaS) powered by Google Apps. We provide services range from IT Consulting specialize using Microsoft softwares e.g. Microsoft Windows Servers, Exchange (Email) Server, MS SQL Server, Microsoft Office SharePoint Server, Microsoft ISA and other Microsoft enterprise softwares. Network Infrastructure, Planning, Design and Implementation to help your in-house Technology Services. Domain Name Management Services this includes consolidations of domain portfolio, acquiring and brokering domain portfolio for your business. This service protect your brand and trademarks, expand your advertising targets and continues growth of marketing exposure through domain name acquisitions. Portfolio Managem

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