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Gmail access is blocked in China

If you are waiting for someone in China to respond to your emails using Gmail, you have to activate your backup email because all Gmail is blocked in China as of last friday according to the news posted by NYTimes.
This including access to Google Drive and other related service using Google Apps. Illustration by Sam Manchester

Drone for Christmas

I've ordered my Christmas Gift, 3D Robotics IRIS drone. Will update soon once I receive my toy.

Check my personal project at Robots.Guru site.

Encryption/Decryption Tools

The top 24 free tools for data encryption
Disk Encryption

BitLockerDiscryptorFile Encryption AES CryptChallengerSteganography StegOur SecretOpenPuffEmail Encryption iSafeGuardHushMailSbwavePortable Drive Encryption Rohos Mini DriveBitLocker ProSecurStickData in transit encryption. OpenSSLStunelRemote Management Encryption OpenSSHPuTTY -- my favorite tool, easy to use.PowerShellRemote Desktop Connection ManagerMultitaskers 7-ZipGPGSophos Free EncryptionCloudfoggerAxCrypt Source: