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Can't connect to the iTunes Store

Have you tried calling Apple live support? Do you think it's free? Good luck! If you don't have a Service Care support, they will not help you. They will recommend that you search the Internet or send email to Apple support. Yes, this is a company with a market value of $400+ Billion. Going back to the real issue " Can't connect to the iTunes Store " using your iMac, iPhone, iPod, iPad, or other iApple devices. Here's a simple guide on how to troubleshoot this problem. For iMac, check if you can access the Internet using any Internet browser e.g. Safari, Chrome, or Firefox. For iPhone, iPad, or iPod, use Safari browser to surf the Internet. If you can visit any website, then your Internet connection is OK. If you can't connect to the Internet, then check your Internet connection. Now let's check your network or computer security settings. For Network, check if you enable OpenDNS or any similar web filtering software. For OpenDNS settings, your n

The Benefits of Satellite Television

From cost to convenience, customers are beginning to explore their programmed television options.  Millions of customers continue to switch to satellite television providers like dish network, and they do so for a number of reasons. Here are some of the benefits of satellite television and reasons why customers are more often gravitating toward this distribution method. Satellite television is more cost-effective than traditional cable.  In many areas, cable rates have been on an upward trend.  Customers see lower costs as one of the benefits of satellite television.  Customers who opt for services outside of a bundled package find the satellite rates to be more affordable.  Packages are more flexible than those of cable providers in many cases.  Satellite television providers offer more customization solutions to their customers.  The added flexibility makes this form of programmed television more attractive to some. Enhanced recording capabilities are one of the other benefits o

A USB device has exceeded the power limits

All of a sudden this error " A USB device has exceeded the power limits of its hub port " appears to your computer screen, and it won't charge your iPhone or iPod to your computer. You turn to the apple community forum or other technology related forums, start asking questions, what happen to your computer USB drive? and people (with good heart) start suggesting you need to check your computer USB ports and the power supplied (500mA) by going to device manager. You don't want to mess with your configuration settings if you don't know anything about it. Here's a simple trick to check if your USB cable is still working. Your iPhone/iPad normally comes with a wall connector, use it to check if your device battery will charge. If not, proceed to the next test. If you don't have a wall power connector, proceed to the next test. If you can charge the battery, then something wrong with your computer USB ports (very rare scenario). Get another iPhone/iPad US

Solved: Multisite upload images

I have issue uploading images using a wordpress multisite environment. I've posted this to the Wordpress community and got a superb assistance from lpstenu . Here's how I started noticing I can't upload any images to other websites in multisite environment: +++ " Uploading images in wordpress multisite questions. If I upload an image at it goes to while if I upload the same image through it goes to  but the image won’t work. I dried using the un-mapped version e.g. (for got the same results. How to fixt it? Thanks in advance." +++ The forum member "lpstenu" asked mbe to verify my .htaccess and httpd.conf file has "allowoverride" set to all. I verified, and also contacted by web hosting company to re-verify this for me. Another set of eyes, is a good thing