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Some nice domain names in auction.

The held an auction for premium (some of them) domain names in Las Vegas January 22, 2010 7pm eastern time. For the first hour is a failure due to technical difficulties. I'm not surprise for first timer though this is a huge lost in many ways e.g. trust of the seller, buyer, reliability of the auction system, and the process. No backup in place where million dollars of domain names at stake. I experienced the online nightmare when I tried to visit the website, not loading properly and the online update is not happening. So in short, I decided to stop watching the auction. At exactly 7:59pm (my email stamp). I received an email from Rick's Newsletter of Emergency bidding phone numbers. Then at 9:18pm to pause the auction and restart the following day at 1pm EST. Here's the email and the domain names up for auction. This email is being sent to all registered users at There is a chance that you may have received an email from us already, but we

Building five to ten websites a day in Year 2010.

I want to share my experience in developing five to ten websites a day. I thought it will be easy for me to accomplish this goal because I have the tools in place e.g. web server, content management system to run the website, ready templates, articles sharing and of course generic domain names . I forgot to include "time" to allocate each day. That's a big mistake. I have a day time job in Information Technology . The day to day routine varies depending on any given situation, projects and technology challenges for that day. In short, time management is really a big obstacle of meeting my target to develop my domain names at least five to ten websites a day. So far, I can accomplish five to ten websites a day but I have no time for myself, and for family. This beat the purpose of enjoying life and spend more time with my family. So, I decided to lower my objective to three to five websites a day . I think I can meet this target easy. The long term goal is to devel

Microsoft Security Essentials

I'm not sure when Microsoft released their own antivirus and spyware tools known as Security Essentials. This is an excellent addition to secure your computer. The Microsoft Security Essentials protect your PC from viruses, spyware and other threat. automatic updates easy to use comprehensive protection To get the software, visit   Microsoft Security Essentials  website and download it. The only requirement for you to use this free security tool is have a genuine copy of Microsoft Windows Operating System. If you purchased your workstation or laptop with the original software, you should be using OEM version, and it should be validated without any issue. When you download and install the software, it will validate your Windows operating system. You will receive something like "This is a Genuine Windows Operating System" (if I remembered it right). The software will automatically quick scan your computer for the first time. After the installation, you can change t