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CTF – Hacking Necromancer

Capture The Flag - Necromancer . Practicing my penetration testing skills to hack a target machine.  Here's my test environment in my own private virtual network. I setup my Kali Linux in  host virtual network  and my target machine ( Necromancer ) which I downloaded a OVA image from VulnHub website. When I started my Kali Linux virtual machine, I have an assigned IP Address . This most likely a different IP address when you setup your own private network. And my target machine Necromancer IP address is . I saw this when I started the Necromancer virtual machine. This save me some time to scan all /24 within my network. Anyway, if you still want to scan your network you can use "netdiscover" tool. If you're not sure what options to use simply run "netdiscover --help". Okay, got it? Now run # netdiscover -r [Enter] to scan your private network. Here's the result of my network. I run "ifconfig&