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2013 Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone! Image courtesy by

Exchange Admin Center whitelist or blocklist an IP Address

Here's a simple procedure to whitelist or blocklist an IP Address using Office 365 Exchange Admin Center (AEC). Note: You need to have an admin account to update your Office 365 setting using AEC. Login to Office 365 website ( ) short URL to website. Click on Admin, then Exchange . In Exchange Admin Center (AEC), click on protection , then connection filter . Double click Default , click on connection filtering to will see your existing Allowed IP Address and Blocked IP Address. In Allowed IP Address, click the (+) to add your external IP Address. See the captured image as an example. I removed (blue covered) our external IP address for safety. Put check on Enable safe list , the click on save . Then you wait for the Microsoft servers to sync. Alternative approach using the following. In Office 365 admin center, click on support link to submit a service ticket to Microsoft customer support. or Send email

How to Reset iPhone to factory default.

Having issue with your iPhone 4S WIFI become unavailable or greyed out? Have you tried resetting it, and still not working? Or maybe cooling down your iPhone for 15 minutes but that's a temporary fix and WIFI will become unavailable again. If you tried all above and still now working for you, try reseting your iPhone settings using factory default. Here's how to reset your iPhone using factory default. In your iPhone, touch the Settings icon. Scroll down to General . In General settings, scroll down and touch Reset And here you will see the Erase All Content and Settings . See the screen captured courtesy by You have to re-download all the musics and apps that you purchase at iTunes. Just like new, and it should fix your iPhone WIFI greyed out issue. Post here for feedback. Thank you.

HOWTO disable Archive in MS Outlook 2007 or 2010.

If you're using Office 365 (Microsoft Exchange Online hosted solution) you don't need to archive your emails because you want it available when you do search old emails from one computer to another, or searching through smart phones. The Office 365 gives you 25 GB of mail storage. I'm hoping they will increase this limit soon as we are saving more attachment e.g. documents, presentation file, video, and even audio recording. Well, that's another article to write in the future. Here's how to disable archive in MS Outlook 2007. In MS Outlook 2007, click on Tools , Options , Other tab, you will see the AutoArchive button. Click on AutoArchive , clear the " Run AutoArchive every n days " check box. Here's how to disable archive in MS Outlook 2010. In MS Outlook 2010, click on File , Options, Advanced Click on AutoArchive settings , and clear the " Run AutoArchive every n days " check box. That's all. I hope this help you ma

MyFICO reveals Highest Credit Scores in the Nation

I'm very enthusiastic and eager to read MyFICO reveals Highest Credit Scores in the Nation. I'm in good credit rating, but not in high achiever ... not yet but going there with blessing. Why credit scores is important? I should say very important. The score ranges from 350 to 850, the higher scores can help the barrowers save thousands of dollars over the life of a loan. So continue reading this post, and you will learn something that will save you money. I hope you like it. Source:

White label your WordPress install.

I installed hundreds of WordPress CMS software for my personal projects and consulting work. Today, I will share one plugins that I used to white label WordPress. The plugin name is " White Label CMS " very easy to use and best of all it's free. Here's how you do it. Login to your WordPress admin panel. Click on Plugins, Add New In the Search field, enter "White Label CMS" Click on Install Now, then enter your hosting FTP or SFTP login credentials. Activate the plugins. You're almost ready. Now let's go to your Settings, click on White Label CMS to configure it. Click on Branding button. The setup is easy to follow, click Yes or No to use the feature. Scroll down to Login to upload your website logo, size is 300x80. Click on Save to finish. That's all, you just changed the default WordPress logo. Here's a sample screen from  website. If you are using a similar plugins, please let us know. Thank you.