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Microsoft Tag for

And here's Microsoft Tag. You can create your own QR Code and Microsoft Tag at . Visit , enter your website address to create your own short URL, QR Code, and Microsoft Tag in seconds. Best of all, you don't need to register to create it. Totally a free service.

SQIT.COM short URL service and QR Codes

The Short URL Cloaking Service and Marketing tools comes with easy to handle your long URLs and to control traffic, cloak your affiliate links, track clicks, redirect statistic for timing, referring sites, IP Addresses, referring pages; set temporary download links and protected with password, and best of all your content goes mobile with QR Codes and Microsoft Tags. So much features to post, it’s better for your to try it out yourself. The short URL service is free to use and you don’t have to register to use most of it’s functionality.  Here’s the website , see our own QR Codes and Microsoft Tags later today. You will see them in our main website. Please tweet and mention us in your facebook. Free Online Games  Online Free Arcade Games provides 1000+ games to play and have fun. No need to register to play online. Though if you register your own account, you will see less and less of advertisement. Either way, you can play thousands of games for free 24×7, and 365 days. I hope you like, please introduce us to your friends. Come visit  Free Online Arcade Games today.

YA.NET Magazine Cover - Holiday

Just in time for Christmas or Holiday for some people prefer to call it.  YA.NET Magazine Cover  releases MERRYCHRISTMAS Magazine and HOLIDAY Magazine covers to bring excitement to your personal photo, family or group photos. Instead of sending a plain photo, you can select any YA.NET Magazine Cover to add fun to your photos. You don't need to register for an account to create your own Magazine Cover. Simply upload your photo, select a Magazine Cover, then share to your family and friends through a social media links. To give you some good ideas,  here's are the samples  from our members and visitors. Source:

Malls is using Mobile to track shoppers

Did you enjoy your Black Friday shopping? I bet you do. Anyway, did you know that (some) Malls are watching your shopping habit? In my humble opinion this is an invasion of privacy, because they did not inform the shoppers about this tracking mechanism when they enter the mall. Recently  CNN reported  that malls track shoppers during Black Friday, a service called  FootPath Technology  installed a discreet devices at the Short Pump Town Center in Richmond, Virginia and Promenade Temecula in southern California from Black Friday through New Year. continue reading at