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Alternative Domain Name Extension ex. .GURU .BUZZ .PHOTOGRAPHY and many more.

Did you know that  1000+ new domain names extension  are now available to register at a very affordable cost? I actually stop calling it as domain name, it is more applicable to call it as  domain string  because the extension doesn't stop at  .com .net or .org . You can register a new domain string like  .social .ninja .website .rocks .guru .zone .buzz  .technology .photography  and many more. It is a domain name personalized for your business or even for your hobbies. I recently registered  Robot.Guru  ( disclaimer  I'm still an amateur in robotics) for my hobby and to change a long domain name URL address for a  short and memorable  domain name is price less. Just like the old domain name extension, you can use the new TLDs for your website and  Facebook, Instagram, Google+ or Twitter  page. You now have your own digital identity. email. You can use it to redirect to your existing website. For marketing, simply redirect it to your company new products and services. F

GoDaddy's layered verification protections defeated by a phone call and four hours in Photoshop

GoDaddy's layered verification protections defeated by a  phone call  and  four hours in Photoshop . I have some domain names,  over hundreds  of them in my GoDaddy account. Reading this article from  by  Steve Ragan  is amusing, lack of a better word and not a harmful message. "On Tuesday, my personal account at GoDaddy was  compromised.  I knew it was coming, but considering the layered account protections used by the world's largest domain registrar, I didn't think my attacker would be successful. I was wrong. He was able to gain control over my account within days, and all he needed to do was speak to customer support and submit a  Photoshopped ID . GoDaddy serves more than  13 million customers , who in turn place  59 million domains  under the registrar's management. They have thousands of employees working across the globe who help staff the support and operations teams twenty-four hours a day." I can summarize the arti

Google Leaks Whois Data

If you are using Google Apps , registered your domain name through Google and using WHOIS Privacy, continue reading. You're information might be open. " Private information belonging to 282,867 domains registered through the Google Apps system became publicly available, exposing it to risks ranging from spam to identity theft . Google Apps offers business organizations the possibility to purchase domain names from one of Google’s partners, benefits consisting in easy setup and management of the associated services. Only records of renewed domains have been leaked. The domains have been registered through registrar eNom and security researchers said on Thursday that the number of records leaked represented about 94% from a total of 305,925 ." Continue reading: According to , ID Protect is a tool to shield your information against phishing attack,

Having your own Killer Domain Name.

When starting a business you need a matching domain name for your online presence. You want it unique and special, you want it short and memorable. Here a few tips from Entrepreneur website. Choosing a domain name is one of the most important decisions you will make for your business. Your domain name characterizes your business, labels your business, and will stick with your business for a long time. In most cases, you should choose a domain name at the same time you choose your business name. When your domain name matches your business name, you have a far better chance of being remembered while at the same time keeping your branding cohesive and unified. Make it memorable. The brain has remarkable powers of memory, but the domain you choose should cater to these powers. Unique. The best domain names are not an ordinary combination of words or phrases. They stand out in the memory because they are unusual. Visual. The more areas of the brain affected, the more memorable

Ground Survival 3D Game by QUE.COM Game Studio

The  Ground Survival 3D Game  is a First Person Shooter 3D Game. Your mission is to eliminate all threats and to stay alive. The soldiers will patrol and wander within the security perimeter. They will engage once they found you. Have fun! A new update for FPS Ground Survival 3D Game, it is now available in Apple Store . Here's how to play the game. Go to  web page, download the plugin to load the game. Use WASD keys to move and your mouse to aim/shoot your enemy. Enjoy and stay alive. Official Website: For iPhone/iPad.  Download it here: For Android. Download it here: still in development ... Play Online click here –>  Ground Survival 3D Game