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DNS Malware

If your computer is infected by DNS Malware on July 9, 2012 you may lose internet connectivity. To read about the DNS Malware, please read the article posted at You still have time to check your computer if you are infected by DNS Malware, simply visit to scan your workstation. You don't do anything, just wait to see the result.  See a sample result below for my computer.   If the result is DNS Resolution = GREEN , then your computer is NOT infected, if the background color is read, please continue reading this article.  If you need to fix the DNS Malware, here's a detailed guide provided by DNS Changer Working Group (DCMG) If you need an Online Malware checker for your website, please visit .

Web Scanner for WordPress to check a Malware virus.

Whaddya know if your WordPress website is clean, not infected by any malicious codes due to outdated plugins, parasites use by hackers to insert in one of your web files or images? It's easy to check your website using some online web tools, and it's free. You just need to know what to use, and how to use these tools. First tool, using Google  Safe Browsing  diagnostic page. Here's an example results for a website