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154 Million voter records exposed, WordPress 4.5.3 fixes bug and Carbonite reset password after cyber-attack.

Security folks are always busy trying to protect our information from malicious users or criminal actors out there. Here's what's going for the last couple of days. Carbonite online backup service resets all users passwords after cyber attack.  The company said the attacking third-party didn't compromise any user accounts, mainly because its IT staff caught the attack in its early stages. To make sure nothing was stolen from people's backups, Carbonite has initiated a service-wide password reset. Brute-force attacks and account hijacking to become more popular.  Such types of attacks are known as ATO or Identity Testing Attacks, and according to security firm ThreatMatrix, they are becoming extremely popular. Source: WordPress 4.5.3 fixes bug that allowed password change via stolen cookies.  The team announced a new version of the WordPress CMS one that includes fixes for eight security bugs and 17 maintenance issues. The

32Million Twitter accounts available for sale.

If you're online most of the time, stop what you are doing right now and update your account information. Visit your favorite social media networks and update your password. If you're using one of these password listed below, change it now before you lose control. The following table shows the  top passwords  used by users affected by malware. Rank Password Frequency 1 123456 120,417 2 123456789 32,775 3 qwerty 22,770 4 password 17,471 5 1234567 14,401 6 1234567890 13,799 7 12345678 13,380 8 123321 13,161 9 111111 12,138 10 12345 11,239 11 123123 11,099 12 9-11-1961 10,444 13 9111961 10,231 14 000000 10,124 15 666666 9,264 16 555555 8,586 17 1q2w3e4r5t 8,386 18 654321 8,358 19 1234 8,257 20 gfhjkm 7,773 21 7777777 7,659 22 222222 6,696 23 cepetsugih 6,603 24 777777 6,539 25 999999 6,428 26 112233 6,398 27 1q2w3e4r 6,178 28 888888 5,784 29 333333 5,772 30 qwerty123 5,666 31 iloveyou 5,443 32 exigent 5,355 33 159753 5,063 34 12

QueUSA Solar Charger one of the Coolest Solar Appliances for 2016

There are even cooler ways to heat up your food, power your gadgets, and improve your work week this year. Eco-conscious efforts are surging in popularity, which means green solutions are more abundant than ever. At  Modernize , we’re passionate about living as sustainably as possible, so we’re excited about these cool solar innovations. We consume a lot of electricity to power our electronics, from business needs to entertainment. Your laptop, cell phone, game systems, and more eat up electricity, drive up your energy bill, and increase your carbon footprint. But have no fear; there’s a better and more affordable way!  QueUSA.SolarCharger The  Solar Charger  from  Que USA  will revolutionize your nightly routine of plugging in your iPad, smartphone, or GPS device. This innovative charger can power up a number of digital devices, pulling solar energy as its source. It’s powered by a lithium polymer battery that charges through a solar panel. It’s environmentally-friendly, an