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Google Domains

Did you know that Google will provide a domain name registration services soon. As of this time, it is an " invite-only beta " as this time. The URL address is . According to their invite-only beta site with a title " Pick a name ".  "A domain name, your address on the Internet, says a lot about who you are and what you do. New domain endings like  .guru  and  .photography  can help you find a meaningful address that stands out on the web. Every domain includes easy forwarding, branded email (, simple management tools and other helpful features." (2014, Google) Not just domain name registration services, Google also provide a " Build a site " service. This is not a surprise considering they provide a  Google Apps for Business  with Email and work related application e.g. Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and more to come. As of this time, Google only mentioned .guru and .photography domain name extens

Millionaire By 30 years old.

I've read this article today, very inspiring goal to make you a millionaire. Here's the summary. Follow the money. Don't show off, instead show up. Save to Invest, don't save to save. Avoid Debt that doesn't pay you. Treat Money like a jealous lover. Money doesn't sleep. Poor makes no sense.  Bill Gates  said to the group of college students, " It's not your fault if you were born poor, it is your fault if you stay poor ". Get a millionaire mentor. Get your money to do the heavy lifting. Shoot for $10 million, not $1million. Continue reading  here .

Good news Google Apps users no more ads.

I am one of the early beta tester for Gmail and Google Apps for Domain . You probably have your own email address using or Google Apps. I have both for personal and business use. Google Apps for Business (formerly known as Google Apps for Free, Standard and Premium ) is a service provided to business owners to use their own domain name. For example, CEO @ KING.NET, President @ KING.NET, LebronJames @ KING.NET, PrinceSaud @ KING.NET, and others. Gmail is now part of Google Apps for Business where you can use other work tools for your business. In early stage of Gmail, you can get a Google Apps Standard (no longer available). It is now a Google Apps for Business. Anyway, Google Apps for Business newsletter announced that Gmail for Google Apps will not turn off Ads. Here's the message. " In May, we had many noteworthy Google Apps updates. One big change was a measure taken to turn off ad in Google Apps services. We've also permanently removed all ads s