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How to install a Digital Certificate to iPhone or iPad?

If you have a copy of your Email Digital Certificate exported to .p12 extension and still remember your password. Then, you are ready to proceed installing your Email Digital Certificate to your iPhone or iPad . First compose a new message, attach your email digital certificate, and it should be in .p12 extension, and send it yourself. Check new email using your iPhone with your digital certificate. Touch the attachment, and it will start the process of install your email digital certificate to your iPhone (or iPad). In Install Profile, touch the Install button. It will prompt you the " Unsigned Profile ", touch Install Now . It will prompt you to enter your iPhone (or iPad) passcode. Then Enter the password for the certificate "Identity Certificate". The password was created during the creation of your email digital certificate. You will see your Profile Installed. Don't be alarm of the "Persona Not Validated" if your are using Symante

Troubleshooting workstation connection to a Domain Controller

Troubleshooting on how to check your user's workstation connecting to what Domain Controller in your network domain. This is a very useful tool to know and simple to remember. Open a command prompt tool, click on Start, and type " CMD " press [Enter] In command prompt, type " echo %logonserver% " press [Enter] The result will display the Domain Controller netbios name. For example, in our network. \\whaddya-server01 Hope that help you. If this helped you, please take the time to share this post by sharing using Google+, Facebook, or Twitter