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Entrepreneurs inspirational to success.

It is never too late to start your own business. Here's are some entrepreneurs who started late and never stop believing, now successful with their businesses. Jan Koum (35) founded WhatsApp, recently bought by Facebooks for billions. Michael Arrington (35) started TechCrunch website. Tim Westergren (35) started Pandora  Jimmy Wales (35) founded Wikipedia Mark Pincus (41) founded Zynga games. Robert Noyce (41) founded Intel Craig Newmark (42) founded Craigslist website Robin Chase (42) founded ZipCar Ray Kroc (52) started McDonald's food chain. John Pemberton (55) invented Coca-Cola Harland Sanders (65) started KFC (one of my favorite fried chicken) Evan Williams (35) co-founded Twitter Niklas Zennstromm (37) started Skype now owned by Microsoft. Arianna Huffington (54) founded Huffington Post website and many more. Sources:

YA.NET Micro Blogging for Young Adult Network

Yes, there are so many alternative for Twitter one of them is  YA.NET  for Young Adult Network. Come check it out, visit  YA.NET  website you don't need to install an app which means you can access it using your smart phone e.g. iPhone or Android. Website: YA.NET  

Google Webmaster Academy

If you're serious (or not) to create your own website, and improve your current website search engine Google Webmaster Academy . ranking. I highly recommend to spend sometime at Message from the official website. " Intro to Webmaster Academy Thinking about creating a website? Great! Webmaster Academy has the information and tools to teach you how to create a site and have it found in Google Search. Who should take Webmaster Academy? Anyone who’s interested in creating or improving their website can take it. Whether you’re a business increasing your web presence or a photographer putting together an online portfolio, we can help you get started. What’s included in the modules? Tips on creating a great site Lessons on how Google Search and Google Webmaster Tools work Quizzes, videos, examples (using a fictitious site and resources How long is the course? Each module may take 1 hour. You can go through the modules at your own pa

Robot Wars - Online Game

Online Game, it's always free to play.  Game Studio - online demo. Let's  play  and enjoy the game.

Alien Invasion

Alien Invasion is a 2D Game, online demo by Game Studio. Click the image to play the game.

Stealth Online Game

Play the 3rd person online game courtesy by Game Studio. Play the Game - click the image or Stealth Online Game I hope you enjoy the game.