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SharePoint 2013 Version Control. Step-by-Step Guide.

If you are the SharePoint manager, you need to know how to enable the Versioning for SharePoint 2013. Here's the step-by-step guide on how to enable it. Browse to the document library that you want to configure. In the toolbar, on the LIBRARY tab, in the Settings group, choose Library Settings . In General Settings, choose Versioning settings. In Document Version History, select Create major versions . To specify a version retention limit, select Keep the following number of major versions and in the text box, type the number of versions. Source: Hope this help. If this helped you, please take the time to share this post by sharing using Google+, Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn

An invalid certificate error when opening MS Outlook 2010

An invalid exchange server certificate appearing when you start the MS Outlook 20007 or 2010. For example, the web server fully qualified domain name is Background: Before Office365 hosting our email address (mailboxes), we used for our Outlook Web Access (OWA) and we bought a SSL certificate to provide secure connection from workstation to server. I transitioned our email using Office365, so the old Exchange Server and website is no longer active, so as the SSL expired after a year. Then, an invalid server certificate now appearing when I started the MS Outlook 2010 application. The MS Outlook still see that though I am now using Office365 service. Similar to Internet Explorer, the cache records still exist. To remove the old data e.g., follow this guide. Open Regedit Go to  HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Office\12.0\Outlook\AutoDiscover Right click on Au

Configure MS Outlook for Office365 Exchange Server 2013

This procedure is for you if you are using the following online services provided by Microsoft. Office365 Recently upgraded from Exchange Server 2010 to Exchange Server 2013. MS Outlook 2007 or 2010 Microsoft sent out an email on how to manage MS Outlook using the new Exchange Server 2013 environment. The new environment provides many features that admin and users will be able to appreciate after your successful transition. I agree with you, the process provided by Microsoft (and even their customer service still using the old procedure when I called them as of 5/15/2013) is NOT detailed but I have a simple solution to fix it. The procedure that help me re-configure all MS Outlook to connect using Offic365 Exchange Server 2013. If you have any users, having a connection problem using their MS Outlook. Here's what you need to do.  Close MS Outlook .  Go to Control Panel, Email, Email Accounts   In Email Account, select click on the Name e.g. (this i

GoDaddy Two-Step Authentication

If you have a domain name from GoDaddy one of the largest domain name registrar in the world. You need this additional information for you to secure your account. GoDaddy called it as Two-Step Authentication (see attached picture), in information technology industry we simply call it as Two-Factor Authentication If you missed reading these articles related to Two Factor Authentication. Securing Gmail  with Two-Factor Authentication . WordPress Two Factor Authentication . Two Factor Authentication Some services uses a time-based smart cards that provides random six numbers every 60 seconds, and other services use your smart phones to receive random six numbers. For GoDaddy Two-Step Authentication is using your smartphone. This makes sense, you carry your smartphone everyday so no added apps or reading device for additional security to protect your account. I see the future of smartphone as a personal key to connect to your virtual world. As of today, you can use your smartp

The New Office365 Outlook Web Apps

The old Office365 Outlook Web Apps using Exchange Server 2010. and the New Office365 Outlook Web Apps using Exchange Server 2013. The obvious changes, is the fluid design, and better organize with links in the upper right corner of the website. I will report back with the user features once I notice them. By the way, the Office365 upgrade from Exchange Server 2010 to 2013 is random according to one of Microsoft technical support that I've talked to. So, customer B will be next or customer X, but will happen this year for all customers. If this helped you, please take the time to share this post by sharing using Google+, Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn

Office365 - This resource doesn't accept meetings longer than 1440 minutes

When you create a meeting schedule for number of days , you will see an error  "This resource doesn't accept meetings longer than 1440 minutes". By default the mailbox or room was set for a maximum limit of 1440 minutes. Here's how you can disable this limit. Login to the Office 365 Administration Console In Microsoft Office 365 Exchange, click on Manage . In Manage My Orgnization , click the drop down arrow, and click on Select on Another User . This will prompt you to select the mailbox or room to manage. Select a Mailbox or Room , click OK . In Option, click on Settings. In Scheduling Options, un-check the "Limit meeting duration", then click on Save. That's all. You can now schedule a meeting or reserve a room for number of days. Hope this help you. If this helped you, please take the time to share this post by sharing using Google+, Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn