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Share Everything Plans

June 28, 2012 Verizon announced the Share Everything Plans. Excerpt from Verizon website "Introducing the Share Everything Plan. Unlimited Talk, Unlimited Text, and a single pool of shareable data to power up to 10 devices. It's the plan that revolves around you. For each device on your account, we recommend 2GB of data." Pick a monthly plan Add on the number of devices to share + the per device Monthly Line Access Enjoy reliability, shareability and flexibility The Share Everything Plans is not actually cheap, see the per device fee per month. And Share Everything Options for Mobile Broadband Devices: Let me know if this work for your family shared plans or company phones. Sources: (2012, Verizon ) (2012, )

Why Google+ is good for business.

Pictures speak a thousand words. Why Google+ is good for business. Images courtesy by Jeff Bullas blog. 

New Domain Name Suffixes

Tomorrow June 13, 2012 ICANN will announce the list of 2000 (even more) application for the new domain name suffixes. This can be any .BRAND propose by companies with deep pockets. The new internet domain name suffixes could be .coke .apple .msn .youtube .google .lol .secure .car .insurance .movie .bar .nyc .green .blue .red .white .black .xerox .clean .sex .porn .adult .tablet .phone .tech .blog .dog .cat .pet .anything .anywhere .anytime that a company with a lots of money can submit an application. The application fee is $185,000.00 with a $25,000.00 yearly maintenance fee paid to ICANN. This does not include the infrastructure cost to run the registry e.g. servers, dns management, people, customer service, etc. Here's a good explanation how it will work, courtesy by website ( ) THE APPLICATIONS: The system opened in January. Applicants had to answer 50 questions covering such things as what a proposed suffix will be used for a

Howto create a New Virtual Machine

Creating a new virtual machine is very easy but if you only create once in a blue moon, you will definitely forget the process. In my case, I need to create a new virtual machine for development one or two virtual machines in a year. How will I resolve this problem? Simple answer, create a procedure. In IT world, manuals and procedures are admins best friend. Here's a step-by-step procedure on how to create a New Virtual Machine . Please don't hesitate to post your comment at the end of this article. Login to vSphere Client , if you're in Cluster (two or more physical servers), select where to create a virtual machine. The idea behind cluster is to load balance your physical servers (hosts), if one server is down, the other server will be able to take the load. There are some ways to create a new virtual machine. You can select the Server (or IP Address), right click and create a New Virtual Machine. The other approach is select the server, click on Virtual Machine


A simple way to shorten your social network profile URL address. Visit website (or http://YA.NET ), you will see a blank entry as shown below. Replace the " http:// " with your Google+ profile URL address " ", see the captured screen below. Select the domain, and click the red short button. It's done! Your short URL is ready for you to use. The QR codes and Microsoft Tag are also created for your website. Great tool for mobile/smartphone reader. The system will assign a random characters for your short URL. If you noticed my short URL is   using two characters only. It is called a vanity URL address. You can create your own vanity URL address, first you need to create your username and password. Why you need to create a Username and Password for vanity URL Address? In the future, if you want to update your vanity URL address to somewhere else. Yo