A simple way to shorten your social network profile URL address.
Visit SQIT.com website (or http://YA.NET), you will see a blank entry as shown below.

Replace the "http://" with your Google+ profile URL address "https://plus.google.com/u/0/104769456270125676319/", see the captured screen below.

Select the ya.net domain, and click the red short button. It's done! Your short URL is ready for you to use. The QR codes and Microsoft Tag are also created for your website. Great tool for mobile/smartphone reader.

The system will assign a random characters for your short URL.

If you noticed my short URL is http://ya.net/em using two characters only. It is called a vanity URL address. You can create your own vanity URL address, first you need to create your username and password.

Why you need to create a Username and Password for vanity URL Address?
In the future, if you want to update your vanity URL address to somewhere else. You need to log-in to the system, and edit your short URL address.

If you don't like to create your username and password to manage your short URL, that's OK. You still be able to use the service using random assign characters.

Can I use this service for Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and other social network?
Yes. I only use Google+ as example. If the URL address is long, you can use SQIT.com / YA.NET to make it short. Get a short URL today!