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Group Messaging

I downloaded a Groupme app today so I can send a group message (group texting) to my kids. Whenever I send them a message, they will instantly receive it and give me updates. I am their Central Command, to get update from everyone and keep them in touch. I'm only using the Group Messaging , though they have added features such as Conference Call, Location, and Photo Sharing. How to use it? Download the app from Apple website. Start a Group, it will send a confirmation message to verify your phone number. In Setup " How do you want to receive messages?" I selected SMS because I have unlimited text messaging from my mobile service provider AT&T. For Sprint smart phone users, the PUSH should be ok, because it push messages are free and use your data connection. As of writing this post, Sprint data is unlimited. I keep ON for Save Groups to Contacts , and Off for Sync Contacts . I may change this option if needed in the future. Put check on " I agree to t

Mobile the major battleground

Very interesting story share around the mobile business. Here’s to read. “Interesting developments in the USA, Australia and New Zealand are giving some insight into the future direction of the mobile industry. In May BuddeComm reported proposed merger between AT&T and T-Mobile as a major threat to competition in the USA. This was viewed as a very obvious issue, and that under normal circumstances such a deal would be rejected by the FCC.” (2011,