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Group Messaging

I downloaded a Groupme app today so I can send a group message (group texting) to my kids. Whenever I send them a message, they will instantly receive it and give me updates. I am their Central Command, to get update from everyone and keep them in touch. I'm only using the Group Messaging, though they have added features such as Conference Call, Location, and Photo Sharing.

How to use it?
  • Download the app from Apple website.
  • Start a Group, it will send a confirmation message to verify your phone number.
  • In Setup "How do you want to receive messages?" I selected SMS because I have unlimited text messaging from my mobile service provider AT&T. For Sprint smart phone users, the PUSH should be ok, because it push messages are free and use your data connection. As of writing this post, Sprint data is unlimited.
  • I keep ON for Save Groups to Contacts, and Off for Sync Contacts. I may change this option if needed in the future.
  • Put check on "I agree to the Terms of Service and the Privacy Policy". Touch continue.
  • Finishing up, enter your Full Name, and your Email, then touch Finish. Saving ...
After the setup of Group Messaging, you can start your group texting (conversation) right away.
  • Start a group, give your group a name. For my example, I used Kids Group Text.
  • Next, add people to the group. So I touch the (+) sign in my iPhone to add my children mobile number, and including my wife. I have a little bit of technical issue, adding contact from my Address book, but it's work out ok.
  • Touch Start. This will send a text or invite to each member. This is the part I don't want, I only want to send them group text, and they can send me a text. My option is Cancel or Send. I still touch Send to complete the setup.
  • Test it ok but Groupme number will show up in your reciepents mobile phone, not your own number. It will be confusing from the them in the beginning.
I hope you enjoy this free app and service from Groupme. More details at their website

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