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Hit the "Pause" Button... Before You Share Online

Very interesting post from USA.Gov. Please read and share this post to your family and friends. Many of us share information on the Internet almost daily, so it's good to remember to share with care. The next time you are about to share information, photos or videos online, consider the possible consequences, especially if your content includes other people. Before you click "send" and post online, remember: What you post could have a bigger audience than you think. Once you post information online, you can't take it back even if you delete it. Get someone's approval before you share photos or videos they're in. Source:

First Person Sniper 3D Game

First Person Sniper 3D Game is now available to play online. Here’s how to play the online game. Go to the website visit download the plugin to load the game. Use your mouse to aim/shoot your enemy. Enjoy and stay alive. For mobile version (iOS/Android) is coming soon.