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Robots.Zone web store is live.

If you are looking to buy Robots accessories, training tools, and books please visit www.Robots.Guru or websites. www.Robots.Zone Here's what you will be able to buy. Robots Microcontrollers Sensors Domestic Robots Accessories Robot Books Enjoy.

SOLVED. Microsoft Outlook has stopped working.

I've got this error " Microsoft Outlook has stopped working " after the upgrade of Lync 2010 to 2013. Before the Lync installation, everything is working fine. Here's my last action. I logged in to the Office 365,  Office 365 Settings , in Software download the Lync 2013 for 64 bit, in " desktop setup " where I clicked on " set up " button this will update the copy of Office on your computer so you can: Use Outlook and Office 365 together for email and more Save Office documents to OneDrive I was able to install the Lync 2013 without any problem. I can add new contact and collaborate. But when I start my MS Outlook 2010 then I get this error " Microsoft Outlook has stopped working ". I've tried the following, but no luck. Repaired MS Office 2010, reboot the computer. Tried MS Outlook still the same error message. Tried using Outlook.exe /safe (safemode) but no luck.  I un-installed the Office 2010 and Lync 2

MS Outlook 2010 Either there is no default email

You see this error " Either there is no default email or the current mail client cannot fulfill the messaging requests " most likely your Outlook registry information is corrupted. The good news, it is easy to fix this issue. Open  regedit  program (Note, it is not recommended to use this tool if you are not a technician or system engineer). HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Clients\Mail\Microsoft Outlook I highly recommend that you use the  Microsoft Fix it  tool, to automatically fix it for you. Here's the  link  for detailed information. Well, in this case this is not fully automatic. After you run the Microsoft Fix it, you need to manually repair your MS Office 2010 programs. Here's how to do it. Click  Start , click  Control Panel , click  Programs and Features , select  Microsoft Office 2010  and then click  Change  button. Next, click  Repair , and then click  Continue . It will take 5-10 minutes to complete. References: live to provide a bitcoin address.

The domain name  was sold $250,000 last February 5, 2014 to an entrepreneur named Alex Charfen and it's now a live website. Just in cased you missed the new, here's the article from . It's a neat concept of virtual wallet, instead of sharing your random digital information you get to choose a sub-domain name. For example, instead of sharing my official bitcoin wallet  1GwRqfKGMBG2VCuqNqp71cZk5zfPku88Yj , I now have to remember this new sub-domain name or the fully qualified domain name (FQDN) URL Address of  web page that contains all my bitcoin public information. Disclaimer.  I used my "real"  virtual wallet web page. It just under two months of exchanging the domain name ownership and it's now live. Hats off to the management of Bitcoin Wallet. Go visit  and create your own bitcoin address.