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Insect Invasion 3D

We are proud to announce a new 3D Game - Insect Invasion 3D is available for you to play for free, using your computer, iPhone and Android smartphone. This is a First Person shooting game wherein the player fights against Insect Invasion using his .50 Machine Gun to stay alive as long as possible.  Click here  to play the online game. What's Next? For Android. Download it here: For iPhone. Download it here: Still updating ... For iPhone, Windows Phone,  FirePhone/Amazone Games. Still in development. Please come back again for updates. Thank you. Team

Submarine Happy Dive Game

A New Game Submarine HappyDive is out for you to play online and it's free courtesy by our partner QUE.COM. Click here to play the game, and enjoy. Please share with your family and friends. Support for iOS, Android, Windows Phone, and Amazon GamePlay is to follow.