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The cryptocurrency meme token that immortalizes the legendary Datta Phuge and his extravagant gold shirt antics! Datta Phuge famously known as the "Gold Man" made headlines with his audacious display of wealth by commissioning a shirt made entirely of gold.

However, his story took a tragic turn when he was mysteriously murdered, leaving behind a legacy that continues o captivate the internet.

Now, SEXTOKEN ($SEX) aims to preserve SEXTOKEN Phuge's memory in the digital realm through blockchain technology.

Our project is all about "meme-iflying" Datta eternally, ensuring that his larger-than-life persona lives on for a s long as blockchain tech exists. With our slogan, 'In it for the Tech" we embrace the innovative spirit of cryptocurrency while celebrating the whimsical and whacky.

A chance to get SEXY and RICH! Be a HERO of your own digital wallet.

SEXTOKEN ($SEX)  isn't just another meme token. It's a tribute to the intersection of wealth, fame, and the internet age.

  • LP Burned /  Locked
  • MINT & Free revoked.
  • 0% TAX
  • Team Tokens vested  1Year
  • SEX TOKEN is the next KING of Meme's

Have $SEX Feel Good - project.
CA - ELgn3tqnpaGBvFdwNV3M1UrzyKGNFx948ihoMRS4UcuZ

How to buy?
1. Download to create your wallet.
2. Buy Solana (SOL) and send it to your wallet.
3. Connect it to Raydium or Juniper, double check, From: SOL To: ELgn3tqnpaGBvFdwNV3M1UrzyKGNFx948ihoMRS4UcuZ
4. Swap SOL for $SEX. Check again, From: SOL To: ELgn3tqnpaGBvFdwNV3M1UrzyKGNFx948ihoMRS4UcuZ

It's that simple! 

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