Alternative Domain Name Extension ex. .GURU .BUZZ .PHOTOGRAPHY and many more.

Did you know that 1000+ new domain names extension are now available to register at a very affordable cost? I actually stop calling it as domain name, it is more applicable to call it as domain string because the extension doesn't stop at .com .net or .org. You can register a new domain string like .social .ninja .website .rocks .guru .zone .buzz  .technology .photography and many more. It is a domain name personalized for your business or even for your hobbies. I recently registered Robot.Guru (disclaimer I'm still an amateur in robotics) for my hobby and to change a long domain name URL address for a short and memorable domain name is price less.

Just like the old domain name extension, you can use the new TLDs for your website and Facebook, Instagram, Google+ or Twitter page. You now have your own digital identity.
email. You can use it to redirect to your existing website. For marketing, simply redirect it to your company new products and services. For personal, you can use it to redirect to your

For entrepreneurs and small businesses, you don't have to spend a lot of money to acquire a "keyword" domain name for your products or services. You now have a lot of options to build your own brand name, register a domain name today.

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Did you know the .com is now 30 years old (March 15, 1985)? CNN wrote an article "30 Years of .com" I recommend reading the article. Will the .com still a thing 10, 20, 50 years? Maybe not.

Have you registered any of these extensions (domain string) and use it as your primary personal or business URL address? Please post it here so other entrepreneurs and small business owners can see it.

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