Building five to ten websites a day in Year 2010.

I want to share my experience in developing five to ten websites a day. I thought it will be easy for me to accomplish this goal because I have the tools in place e.g. web server, content management system to run the website, ready templates, articles sharing and of course generic domain names. I forgot to include "time" to allocate each day. That's a big mistake.

I have a day time job in Information Technology. The day to day routine varies depending on any given situation, projects and technology challenges for that day. In short, time management is really a big obstacle of meeting my target to develop my domain names at least five to ten websites a day.

So far, I can accomplish five to ten websites a day but I have no time for myself, and for family. This beat the purpose of enjoying life and spend more time with my family. So, I decided to lower my objective to three to five websites a day. I think I can meet this target easy.

The long term goal is to develop 70 to 80 percent of my entire domain name portfolio. By the number, it will be approximately 900 to 1000 websites before the end of year 2010. Yes, I have no plan of selling the domain name for year 2010, and might grab more domain names in the process.

And the revenue? I don't intend to get more compare to my current earning for the next couple of years. I hope to increase my revenue in the third year anniversary of the project, year 2013. I pray the world still exist after 2012.

So that's my goal for Year 2010.