Google Apps Short Links

If you are using Google Apps for your email, just like email address. You can activate additional Google App Engine for your own Short Links e.g.,,, and other short URL services. Here's a simple guide on how to active your own Google Apps Short Links service.
  • Login to your Google Apps, for example 
  • Click the Manage this domain
  • In your Dashboard Service settings, click Add more services
  • In Other Services, click the Add it now
  • Back to the Dashboard, you will see if your URL service is Active.
Now configure your domain name DNS record. I have my domain name with, so login to my control panel for KING.NET. In Control Panel, DNS Record, add CNAME record just like this one: url --> CNAME --> where url is my host for short links

Here's a sample website:

And these are the sample short links:  redirect to  redirect to

Now I have to stop using, and other short links services. I enjoy my own short links at and promote my own service.

Post here if you have any questions related to Google Apps Short Links.

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