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Internet Tools for you to troubleshoot your website.

I provided assistance to entrepreneur on how to establish their online business from getting their own domain name, website or content management system, their own email address and marketing.

Today is to introduce a network tools (or internet tools) on how to troubleshoot your web server or your websites from outside of your working environment. Instead of asking favor from friends to ping your website from their home or office network. You can do this task alone.

Use to run ping command from different sources of servers around the world going to your website. To check if the website is accessible to other countries. For example, I ping website, and here's the results:

LocationResultmin. rrtavg. rrtmax. rrtIP
 Singapore, Singapore:Okay260.1260.5262.
 Amsterdam2, Netherlands:Okay139.0140.3142.474.208.170.197
 Florida, U.S.A.:Okay57.057.257.474.208.170.197
 Amsterdam3, Netherlands:Okay138.9139.7142.474.208.170.197
 Hong Kong, China:Okay228.2228.4228.874.208.170.197
 Rio de Janeiro, Brazil:Packets lost (100%)
 Sydney, Australia:Okay190.6190.9191.574.208.170.197
 Munchen, Germany:Okay149.6152.8156.574.208.170.197
 Cologne, Germany:Okay124.5124.6124.874.208.170.197
 New York, U.S.A.:Okay41.343.447.574.208.170.197
 Stockholm, Sweden:Okay141.4142.2145.374.208.170.197
 Santa Clara, U.S.A.:Okay80.892.6121.474.208.170.197
 Vancouver, Canada:Okay59.259.459.674.208.170.197
 Krakow, Poland:Okay163.0163.6164.
 London, United Kingdom:Okay117.7119.6122.374.208.170.197
 Madrid, Spain:Okay152.6153.1154.
 Padova, Italy:Okay161.9164.0165.574.208.170.197
 Austin, U.S.A.:Okay31.531.631.874.208.170.197
 Amsterdam, Netherlands:Okay124.0124.2124.474.208.170.197
 Paris, France:Okay125.1125.2125.474.208.170.197
 Melbourne, Australia:Okay203.4204.4205.
 Shanghai, China:Okay315.1327.9339.674.208.170.197
 Copenhagen, Denmark:Okay145.4145.8146.
 Lille, France:Okay148.3150.4152.474.208.170.197
 San Francisco, U.S.A.:Okay41.041.441.774.208.170.197
 Zurich, Switzerland:Okay165.5167.6169.374.208.170.197
 Mumbai, India:Okay269.3271.1275.
 Chicago, U.S.A.:Okay26.426.626.874.208.170.197
 Johannesburg, South Africa:Okay387.8390.2400.474.208.170.197
 Nagano, Japan:Okay147.9153.9159.874.208.170.197
 Haifa, Israel:Okay181.5182.5183.874.208.170.197
 Auckland, New Zealand:Okay215.3215.6216.
 Antwerp, Belgium:Okay142.8143.6145.774.208.170.197
 Groningen, Netherlands:Okay127.5127.9128.474.208.170.197
 Moscow, Russia:Okay192.5193.0193.374.208.170.197
 Dublin, Ireland:Okay124.6124.8125.
 Oslo, Norway:Okay158.6158.9159.574.208.170.197
 Odessa, Ukraine:Okay161.0161.2161.474.208.170.197
 Manchester, United Kingdom:Okay123.0123.4124.374.208.170.197
 Vilnius, Lithuania:Packets lost (10%)178.7186.3201.974.208.170.197

I can see that website is having problem accessing from Brazil and Lithunia. This report gives me an idea that most of countries have access to my website. I will check later again to see if Brazil and Lithunia will change to ok.

If you want to see the network route from other sources to your website, then you can use tool. Simply enter your server IP address or your full qualified domain name (FQDN) e.g. The trace route will run from a terminal in Netherlands, Australia, Singapore, and USA. It is randomly selected terminals, I see terminals from Japan and France as well. See the attached image as example trace route result for website. The trace route gives you information where the source network came from.

* U.S.A.:
1 ( 0.072 ms
2 ( 1.040 ms
3 ( 0.401 ms
4 9.327 ms
5 56.486 ms
6 ( 56.990 ms
7 ( 57.120 ms
8 ( 57.096 ms
9 *
10 [open] 57.421 ms

* France:
1 0.368 ms
2 ( 167.955 ms
3 ( 0.585 ms
4 ( 0.519 ms
5 0.529 ms
6 ( 8.638 ms
7 ( 8.873 ms
8 ( 8.995 ms
9 ( 92.885 ms
10 ( 93.130 ms
11 ( 114.215 ms
12 ( 124.454 ms
13 ( 124.732 ms
14 ( 125.529 ms
15 ( 137.632 ms
16 ( 125.192 ms
17 *
18 [open] 125.547 ms

* Netherlands:
1 10.070 ms
2 ( 0.654 ms
3 ( 8.026 ms
4 ( 8.039 ms
5 ( 92.006 ms
6 ( 91.895 ms
7 ( 113.088 ms
8 ( 123.583 ms
9 ( 124.027 ms
10 ( 124.036 ms
11 ( 124.342 ms
12 *
13 [open] 124.336 ms

* Japan:
1 0.095 ms
2 0.500 ms
3 3.728 ms
4 tky008ipgw11.IIJ.Net ( 3.846 ms
5 tky008bb01.IIJ.Net ( 3.805 ms
6 tky001bf00.IIJ.Net ( 4.195 ms
7 ( 166.772 ms
8 118.781 ms
9 ( 119.537 ms
10 ( 130.909 ms
11 ( 156.397 ms
12 ( 145.652 ms
13 ( 202.799 ms
14 ( 202.868 ms
15 ( 201.062 ms
16 ( 170.103 ms
17 ( 159.217 ms
18 ( 170.642 ms
19 ( 170.522 ms
20 *

And the last tool is, nice tool to check your DNS records. According to the website, the online DNS lookup is a remote dns lookup (nslookup/dig) a host or domain from 34 locations worldwide. I run a test for website, click the image to see the results.

Other similar services:

If you know other internet tools for free to use, please post in comment so I can update the list.

Source: KING.NET blog.


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