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SM.TV subdomain service

News Flash! SM.TV subdomain is now part of KING.NET online buzz service offering.

Just a brief update, SM.TV is a free domain name service where you can register and hoping you will use it for a blog or website. The turn out of developing to a blog or website is very low due to limitation of knowledge and resources. So we had decided to cease the SM.TV free domain name service, convert this to a sub-domain with free blog or website where anyone can register and have their own website.

So here at KING.NET when you register for your account, you have to choose one domain name, etc., it comes with full WordPress blog script and 130+ free templates. You can start right away, post your blog, and add your google adsense code, post articles, introduce to friends, and start making money. The opportunity is endless, more niche website, and more revenue for you.

What are you waiting for? Go get your account and create your blog today!

Thank you for being part of our network.
Support, KING.NET


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Office365 - This resource doesn't accept meetings longer than 1440 minutes

When you create a meeting schedule for number of days, you will see an error  "This resource doesn't accept meetings longer than 1440 minutes". By default the mailbox or room was set for a maximum limit of 1440 minutes.

Here's how you can disable this limit.
Login to the Office 365 Administration ConsoleIn Microsoft Office 365 Exchange, click on Manage.In Manage My Orgnization, click the drop down arrow, and click on Select on Another User. This will prompt you to select the mailbox or room to manage.Select a Mailbox or Room, click OK.In Option, click on Settings.In Scheduling Options, un-check the "Limit meeting duration", then click on Save. That's all. You can now schedule a meeting or reserve a room for number of days.

Hope this help you.

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Out of Office Reply for Termed Employee

This is a sample Out of Office message that I used for termed employees, unless HR staff specified a different message.

=== Example for KING.NET Employee ===
John Doe (employee or consultant) is no longer with KING.NET effective June 1, 2013 (termination date). For matters relating to "Project Name here" please direct your concerns to John Smith at (Manager or Supervisor). For all other matters, please direct your email to Mary Smith HR at

Please call our main office 703-345-6789 if you have other concerns.
Thank you.

=== End of message ===

I posted this article year 2008 from my old blog.

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