My iPhone using iOS 5.0

I'm so excited today hoping to received my iPhone 4S. That excitement shoot down when I find out that Best Buy doesn't have my preordered iPhone 4S 64GB Black model on time.

Instead, I decided to upgrade my iPad to the latest released of iOS 5.0.

My current iOS version is 4.3.1, so I have to upgrade first to 4.3.5, then run the Update.

Upgrading iOS from 4.3.1 to 4.3.5 took a while, more than one hour from running the backup of my entire iPad contents e.g. pictures, video, and apps.

The iOS 5.0 requires iTunes 10.5, so I have to download and install it. It takes 10-15 minutes to updates. And another 30-45 minutes downloading files, depending on your internet speed.

I restarted my MacBook Pro as required by the program, then enjoy iOS 5.0 on my iPad.

Next, my iPhone 3GS upgrading for iOS 5.0.

My iPhone 3GS is now upgraded to iOS 5.0. One nice feature of iOS 5.0, I can run "Software Update" directly from my iPhone. This feature remove the dependency to my MacBook Pro for next software update.

And, I can use the "iTunes Wi-Fi Sync" to automatically sync with iTunes on my computer when my iPhone is plugged in to power and connected to WiFi. I see there is room for improvement, hopefully with their next release of software update. I can simply sync to my iTunes through Wi-Fi or directly through 4G network. Let's wait and see, only time will tell.

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