Gmail Alert

I received this bogus Gmail Alert from my gmail account.

Subject: Gmail Alert

You are receiving this email because we detected numerous failed login attempts to your account from an unfamiliar location. We are required to open an investigation into this matter.

Kindly complete the account validation process below.

Gmail Logn <-- this is a bogus website made using a wordpress, and looks like a gmail website login page.

Here are some pointers to avoid this phishing techniques, and help you mitigate risk.

  1. Check the FROM email address, the normal technique is hiding (spoofing) their identity using the real company email as a display. DO NOT reply when you receive a similar email, simply delete the message.
  2. It comes a URL link to click, advising you to verify your account information. When you hover your mouse to the link it will show the actual URL address. In this example, the Gmail Login is pointing to a bogus website <-- DO NOT click. What you need to do is close all your Internet browser, open a new one, and visit the "real" URL address e.g.
If you're still need assistance, don't hesitate to ask a friend who knows a little computer/email security. Or post a question here, and I will provide an answer.


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