HOWTO setup your BlackBerry phone using your Office 365 email

HOWTO setup your BlackBerry phone using your Office 365 email?

My customer is using a Microsoft Online Business Productivity Online Services (BPOS), then transition to Office 365 (latest software as of March 2012). After the upgrade, the user can't read/send email. This is because the e-mail server is different from BPOS to Office 365.

Though setup using Office 365 is a lot easier because of a new autodiscover CNAME added to your company domain name host record.

If you are using Verizon service provider, go to this URL address:

Log-in using your username and password.
Delete your existing email configuration.
Setup an Email, select Add an existing email account (e.g. Yahoo, Google, Microsoft Exchange)
Enter your email address and password.

For example:
Email Address:
Password: my password

Click Next to continue.

The BlackBerry service will send you a message, coming from Activation Server with the email subject of "Email account information".

Here a sample message.
"Congratulation, you have successfully setup with your BlackBerry device. You should begin receiving new messages in approximately 20 minutes.

You're good to go. Let me know if this help.