Secure Your BlackBerry Smartphone

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Losing your smartphone can feel like losing an arm and a leg. The frantic anxiety creeps in when you suddenly realize your inability to function without it. How will you drive to your next destination without GPS navigation? How will you meet with friends without calls or text messages? How will you check your bank account before an impulse purchase? How will you share photos? And this is only the beginning of a perpetual slew of problems. After the initial panic, you'll begin to wonder: What if someone found it—or worse, stole it? What would the finder do with the plethora of personal information stored on that device? Before this happens, take the proper preemptive measures to protect your information. There are a variety of methods for protecting Android, Windows and Apple smartphones depending on the operating software, but all BlackBerry devices are fairly similar in terms of protection. Whether you have a Verizon, Sprint, AT&T or t-mobile blackberry device, you can follow these simple steps to protect your smartphone.

Use a password
All BlackBerry devices enable password protection to guard lost or stolen phones. By configuring an unlock password, others would not be able to access the device. In the case of brute-force attempts, the BlackBerry device can perform a data wipe if an incorrect password is entered multiple times.

Encrypt your memory
With the provided encryption tool for device memory, users can encrypt the onboard storage memory to prevent outside attempts to extricate sensitive files. The removable media card can also be encrypted to prevent it from being accessed from a computer. This tool can be found on the Security menu under “Encryption.”

Wipe your data
Users can delete applications and data stored on the device as well as the media card by using the “Security Wipe.” This will ensure that your files will not be available to the finder, should you lose your phone.


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