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Why .COM .NET and .ORG still the preferred extension.

I read an article from Forbes website titled "Seven Things To Think About Before You Register That New Domain" click here to read the details.  To summarize it, here are the seven reason to think before you register a domain name with a new domain extension.
  1. Customer trust
  2. Investment protection
  3. Cost control
  4. Partner motivation
  5. Partner reliability
  6. Potential for hijacking
  7. Name length
The internet cyber space will introduce 1900+ new domain extensions to the public starting first quarter of registrar stats website provide top level domains count since they become available to the public for first come first serve basis of domain name registration. As of February 2, 2014, here's the domain name registration counts for the new domain extensions. Domain Name Registration Counts:
2014. These includes .guru .plumbing .clothing .ventures .singles .web .llc .app and many more. The
  • 614 for .clothing
  • 365 for .guru
  • 177 for .bike
  • 176 for .holdings
  • 155 for .ventures
  • 69 for .singles
  • 64 for .plumbing
See the captured image for other domain name extension. The .COM is 112 million, .NET is 15 million and .ORG is 10 million domain name registered as January 2014.

Why will you register a domain name for your start up business using new domain extension if only few think it will survive the growth. Yes, too early to tell if they will succeed or fail but an early indication no one cares.
I helped small business to acquire their domain names for the company website and email. They only prefer to use .COM or .NET domain name extension to use. Some prefer to use their own country codes e.g. .US .DE .EU .CN and other ccTLD.

How about your client? Do they really want other domain extension for their business domain. Share with us.

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