Converting Online Game for iOS iPhone and iPad

This is my personal experience converting a game app using Unity 3D to Apple Xcode. I am using Downed 2D Game for this experiment. You can try this game online, please click the Game section to see the list of games.

Step1. Application Preparation. Go to iTunes Connect, click Add New App. Watch the Youtube video link below for step by step instruction. Next is to build settings.

Step2. Open Unity 3D program in iMac, open the project and update build settings using iOS
platform. Actually, I clicked on the Build and Build Run with my test iPhone connected to my computer (iMac) so I can test the game app right away. (Altenative, you can Build and open the file with Xcode).  Sometimes, "Build and Build to Run" will not open Xcode. If that happen, I open the xcode preject manually.

Play the Downed 2D Game app using my iPhone, so far so good using touch screen and tilt feature.

Step2.b. Create Provsioning Profile. Go to, go to "iOS Provisioning Portal" -> "Certificates" (Left sidebar) -> "Distribution" tab. Check field "Provisioning Profiles". If empty, next. Go to "Provisioning" (Left sidebar) -> "Distribution" tab. Press "New Profile" and complete it. Go back to check the field again. Download and "run" (double click) the new provisioning profile.
Step3. In Xcode, open the project code, click on Product, Clean to check any issue with your game app.
Click on ProductBuild For Run, wait for the program to complete the build.
Then click on ProductArchive ... wait to see Build Succeed. It will automatically open the Organizer - Archives for you, this contain the Game App you created in Step1.
Click on Distribute ... select Submit to the iOS App Store. Click on Next, it will prompt you to enter your iTunes Connect developer account. Click Next to continue.

If everything is ok. You will see a message "Uploading to App Store ...."

I've got this message:
The submission succeeded. Some warnings were found during validations:
WARNING ITMS-9000: "Version Mismatch. Neither CFBundleVersion [1.0] nor CFBunderShortVersionString['1.0'] in the info.plist match the version of the app set in iTunes Connect ['1.0']."
Answer. I think I how to fix it. First, I did not run the VALIDATION before I run to DISTRIBUTE in Step3. When I created the game app in Unity3D, the version is 1.0 while in Xcode it is v2.0 duh! This will not pass the Apple Review team.

To correct this issue, open the xcode project file, check the General, Capabilities, Info, and other settings.
Click Product, Clean.
Click Product, Build For Running.
Click Product Archive.

UPDATE: No need to Build and Archive. Login to iTunes Connect, click edit Version Information, correct the Version Number from v1.0 to 1.0
Because of this correction I have to re-submit the game app. In iTune Connect, I have to reject my Binary, and re-upload it again to change it back to status "Waiting For Upload". Then, in Organizer Archives, click on Distribution to try it again.

If you don't reject it, the Organizer Archives will prompt you of "No application records were found.".

After all these changes/actions. I finally received "Submission Succeeded"
No issues where found in "Downed v1.0".  "Downed v1.0" has passed validation and has been submitted to the App Store for further review.
Click Finish to complete.

Go to iTunes Connect, click on the Downed game app to see the updated status. Now it changed from  "Waiting For Upload" to "Waiting for Review".

Finally, I completed the submission of Downed 2D Game (1.0) to the App Store. Now is waiting time, it will take between 3-7 business days to receive a decision.


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