Would you know how to reject invalid emails in Exchange 2003 Server?

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By default the "Recipient Filter" is not disabled in Exchange Server 2003. To prevent unwanted emails not listed in your Active Directory, here's what you need to do.

  • Open the ESM (Exchange System Manager) exchange management tool
  • In Global Settings, right click on Message Delivery, then select Properties.
  • In Message Delivery Properties, click Recipient Filtering tab.
  • Put check on "Filter recipients who are not in the Directory">
Well you're not done yet, that's one part only. If you are not using a third-party anti-spam tools, you need to check your SMTP protocol setting. Here's how to:
  • In ESM, go to Administrative Groups, First Administrative Group
  • Expand Servers, then SERVER name.
  • Expand Protocols, SMTP, right click on "Default SMTP Virtual Server" then Properties.
  • In Default SMTP Virtual Server Properties, click Advance.
  • In Advanced, click Edit
  • Put check in "Apply Recipient Filter.
You don't need to restart your Exchange Server, now go check your anti-spam logs if traffic improve for your emails.

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