Office 365 Generic MX Records retired

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I wrote a step-by-step procedure on how to Scan-to-Email using Office 365 SMTP setting last August 2014. Read it here -
Today, the generic is no longer accepting SMTP connection to send email. Don't worry, it's a simple fix and it should be your correct configuration anyway.

Login to your Office 365 portal as an Administrator, go to Admin center preview. Click Settings then Domains. Under domain name, click your company domain name. For example, I click our company domain e.g.

In Exchange Online, you will see your MX record that point to record. The SMTP server format should be [hardworking-com] , replacing hardworking-com with your company domain name.

After that, go to your Printer admin console and update your SMTP record. To make it simple, please see a captured screen of my updated printer configuration.

After updating to

You should be able to print to scan through your Office 365 emails.

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