My Google Voice

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I have to tell you about my new Google Voice service. I just got it today and was able to select a 571 area code for Virginia state. I can use my Google Voice to call or send SMS for free. There are so much features to test. I like one in particular where you receive your voice mail via email in "transcribe text" or you can play it through your iPhone when someone left you a voice. I remember Vonage offer this voice mails transcript service for a monthly fee, while Google Voice offer it for FREE. I also forward my SMS message to my email so it will not cost me anything. You can also create groups for your incoming call on how you want to receive it e.g. from coworkers, friends or family. Google Voice also offer widgets "Call Me" to your website, so your  visitor will be able initiate calls direct from your website.

With your Google Voice, you will be able to purchase additional credit for you to call international. It just a matter of time, where everyone will get their own Google Voice.

As of this date, if you want to change your phone number. Google Voice will charge you a one time fee of $10. This is the same cost when you change your magicJack number. So I think it's fair. I hope they will be able to offer a vanity phone number for example 571-KINGNET (or 571-5464638).

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