Howto disable file folder synchronization?

Microsoft Windows 7 Home PremiumWindows XP synchronizing to the server.

A customer had asked me to disabled the synchronization of her workstation.

A brief history of this request. Every time she log-off or shutdown her workstation, the workstation is synchronizing to the file server. This is not a bad process but added delay when you are ready to go home from long hours of staring to your workstation.

Her "My Document" folder was set to the network drive, for example \\KINGNET\johndoe, where KINGNET is my domain network and johndoe is the user. The Windows XP, VISTA or Windows 7 have the option to make this folder disabled, yes it is enabled by default.

So when you change the location of user "My Document" from drive C to LAN network drive H, the files and folders will create a CACHE copy in the My Document folder. This will synchronize the files and sub-folders every time you log-off to your network to provide up to date copy. This is perfect approach to provide offline copy to your mobile users, assuming they are using a laptop or a netbook.

And now, if you want to disable this feature to your workstation users. Here's the procedure.
- Open the Windows Explorer,
- Click on Tools, Folder Options
- In Folder Options, click on Offline Files tab, uncheck "Enable Offline Files"

You need to restart your workstation to apply this changes.

Post here if you have a follow-up questions.

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